Program Overview

The Wake Forest University Center for Private Business is committed to helping address the issues and needs faced by privately owned business leaders.  A primary tool used to achieve this goal is the Business Leader Forum program.  These Forums provide leaders with the opportunity to connect, learn, and grow personally and professionally.  A Forum typically includes a diverse mix of 8-10 leaders who face similar types of challenges, but who are likely to have differing perspectives to contribute to their counterparts.

Factors considered in determining membership in a Business Leader Forum include scope of responsibility, size of organization, geographic proximity, and diversity.  Each Forum typically meets monthly for four to five hours at a location determined by the Forum, and holds an annual overnight retreat.

Once the members of a potential Forum have been identified, a full day Orientation Session and Forum Launch is scheduled with an experienced Forum resource who will guide the group in developing a common vision, shared expectations, meeting format, and meeting schedule going forward.  Forum leadership will also be determined at this time.  Business Leader Forums are self-managed by peer-selected moderators who follow a proven Forum communication and meeting protocol, with ongoing support from The Wake Forest Center for Private Business.