Why Business Leader Forum?  

The Forum experience is different things to different people.  When we are new to Forum, we often think of it as a place where we can discuss significant business challenges with a group of peers in a safe, confidential, and nonjudgmental environment.  Over time, as bonds deepen and trust grows, we come to see Forum as much, much more.  Our Forum becomes a trusted group of advisors that many refer to as their personal Board of Directors for their life. Forum becomes a place where we can discuss any issue, whether it be business, family, or personal in nature, and have absolute confidence that the only agenda of our Forum mates is to be of greatest service to us.  When Forum members are asked what they value most about Forum, here are some of their responses:

  • It is a place where I can leave my ego at the door and be my real self, without pretense or show…a place where I can speak my truth and share my fears and insecurities, my disappointments and dreams.

  • It is a place where I can get honest feedback…feedback that I don’t always want to hear, but that I need in my life…from people who genuinely care about me.

  • It’s a place where I know I can discuss my most challenging issues and get valuable feedback and support.

  • Forum is a place where I can hear perspectives different from my own that broaden my world view.

  • I can be open with my Forum…express real feelings and emotions that I have a hard time sharing with anyone else in my life.

  • Forum gives me the opportunity to help others who are experiencing challenges similar to those that I’ve encountered.  I find that extremely rewarding.

  • The self-awareness that I have gained through Forum has been amazing!  Forum has challenged me to reflect on my life and understand how my life experiences have shaped my beliefs and values. 

  • Forum is a group of people that I trust and love…my friends for life…people who I know will be there if I ever need them.

  • Forum has helped me to become a better leader…a better parent…a better spouse…and ultimately, a better person.


Forum is a significant, life changing experience for many members.  The Wake Forest University Center for Private Business is pleased to offer you the opportunity to experience the “Forum Magic,” and we hope that you will choose to make the most of it by investing your time, energy, and talents.